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Why do people want to see YOUR company website?
Is it because they want to see lots of graphics, bells and whistles that will take a long time to load? People on average will spend 30-40 seconds on a site, if they don't find the information they want, they will find another site. They want to see your price, what they get for their money, contact information, and preferably an online form to order your products or services.

A one-of fee of NZ$98.00 and a monthly fee of NZ$15.00 includes the following:
 - Name reservation (ie
 - A 4-page site (home page, disclaimer/copyright page, privacy page, contacts)
 - A one-of fee of $50 for each extra page (including on-line forms)
 - 5 Email addresses (ie,, etc)
 - Data entered into your website online form will be forwarded to an email address you choose
 - Up to 100Mbyte allocated space for your site and Email
 - You choose online from 229 different button types
 - You choose online from 77 different page background themes
 - 3 free website changes in the first month
 - 1 free update at the end of every month (text updates only, you email the .doc changes to us) 
 - Free submission to Google and continued monthly optimization to increase your website ranking.

Follow these 3 simple steps to get your company on-line
1. Click on name-check to check if the name is free.
2. Click on Choose Layout to determine what background and buttons you want.
3. Fill out the on-line order form and press submit.

Within 1 week you will receive an Email with:
 - A hyperlink to your new website
 - Instructions to set up your new Email accounts on your computer
 - Invoice for one-off fee, extra pages fee, and first months hosting fee (payable within 14 days)

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