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The Assessment Process                                     


The assessment process requires gathering information from a range of sources. Parents are given a questionnaire to complete on their child’s background information, such as medical, family, developmental history, and the referral issue/s. Next, I will conduct the testing using a battery of tests to assess your child’s cognitive and academic abilities. The cognitive tests will assess general intellectual ability; thinking, reasoning, and problem solving skills; verbal ability; visual-spatial skills; visual and auditory processing; short and long-term memory; and attention. The academic tests will assess achievement in reading; writing; spelling; maths; and oral language.  Testing will take around four to five hours, and is  completed over  two sessions (e.g., 2x2 hour sessions, or 2x2 1/2 hour sessions). A short break is provided during each session to help prevent your child becoming fatigued. The testing is conducted in a relaxed environment in my home. I am able to assess children from the age of 4 1/2 years.


When the assessment process is completed, you will receive a written report (approximately 10-15 pages total) containing valuable information about your child's cognitive and achievement abilities. The report will be discussed at a follow-up consultation with parents approximately 14 days after the last testing session.The report includes several pages of discussion of the assessment results; recommendations; tables of the test scores, and a description of the tests. The discussion of the report will tell you how your  child scored in relation to other children their age, and their cognitive and academic strengths and weaknesses. Any  learning difficulties or giftedness abilities will also be  identified. Recommendations will be made for educational  approaches. If appropriate, recommendations will be made to refer your child to other professionals (e.g., Speech Language Therapist, Occupational Therapist) for further evaluation.



The cost for a comprehensive cognitive and educational assessment is $500 and includes the following:

  • all testing (approx. 4-5 hours)

  • scoring and analysis of test data (approx. 4 hours)

  • written report  (approx. 1-2 weeks to prepare)

  • follow-up session (approx. 45-60 minutes)

 If required, cognitive and educational assessments can also be conducted separately at the following costs:

IQ/Cognitive assessment: $250

Educational assessment: $250