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Psycho-educational Assessments


Welcome to  Psyched, we hope you find the information listed here useful!


Children are usually referred to Psyched by their parents because of problems or concerns in areas such as attention, concentration, memory, understanding, listening, following instructions, reading, spelling, writing, mathematics. Children are also commonly referred to identify gifted abilities. If your child is experiencing difficulties in any of the areas mentioned above, or you think they may be gifted, then  Psyched can provide a comprehensive assessment of your child's cognitive and educational abilities. Children can be assessed at Psyched from the age of 4 1/2 years old.


Psyched is owned and operated by Donna Lamont, a psycho-educational consultant. Donna holds a NZ Bachelors degree (BA: Psychology & Education), a NZ Masters Degree (MEdPsych: First Class Honours), and is a NZCER Registered Tester. Donna also has accreditation as a Level 2-3 Primary Care Triple P  (Positive Parenting Programme) Provider.


 All inclusive price of $500

This includes all services listed on our process page.

Contact Donna for free advice or to book an appointment, or use our online form and Donna will contact you.

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